THAMERABHARENE Readymix we have developed key innovative concrete services - such as Concrete Batching, Project Plant and Pumping services - to satisfy the needs of our customers .

Concrete Batching Services

TBC boasts one of the most sophisticated batching systems available to the industry. All materials are weighed off. All our batching records are kept for 5 years. To ensure that all material is weighed off correctly all our scales are externally calibrated every six month. All the concrete mix designs are designed in our regional offices. The plant staff do not have the access to change the mix design recipes. Prior to dispatch all concrete loads are visually inspected to ensure that the correct slumps are met.
For any quality related queries or assistance contact the nearest Quality department in your area .

Project Plant Services

TBC offers project plant services or on-site services to customers who require us to set up the concrete batching plants in their project sites and work out of their sites. This is especially useful for customers with large volume requirement of concrete.
 What TBC can do for you:
Setting up of the batching plant in your jobsite
Mobilizing of plant, equipment and manpower
Experienced civil engineers to assist you with your concrete requirements
Sourcing of high quality raw materials Production of readymix concrete in completely automated high tech environment
Formulating and testing mix designs
Thorough 360 degree quality check at every stage of the process
Suited for large projects: Roads | Power| Airports| Urban Infrastructure | Railways | Ports /Industrial /Apartments/Villas etc

TBC pumping service

Concrete can be difficult to work with, sometimes pumping concrete into place is the only way to make the project work. We get your concrete to where you need it! Choosing a concrete pumping service depends upon your needs, contact us for advice.
Reasons to use the TBC pumping service
·         Easy placement of high quality concrete of uniform consistency
·         Pumped concrete is flowable yet highly cohesive
·         Pumped concrete is formulated to allow pumping without segregating and with minimal bleeding
Saving time
·         The site or the element to be concreted may be difficult to reach. Pumps can bypass this problem quickly
·         Pumps place concrete at higher speeds than alternatives
·         For high rise projects, placing concrete at various levels is quick and easy
Saving money
·         Pumping reduces equipment and plant costs
·         Pumping reduces labour costs
Use Thamerabharane pumping service for a timely completion of your project.

THAMERABHARANE Ready Mix takes pride in the success it has achieved over the years, and we acknowledge that this is due to our  overall vision of a multi-disciplined establishment with outstanding staff, in-depth understanding of the current challenges and the  requirements of a fast-growing region.
Our organization represents a business attitude, which is derived from the feedback and support of our clients. We also take adequate care of all contributors in the value chain, namely employees, customers and the society.
We are aware of the responsibilities that  undertaking such challenges, but I am confident, that with our experience and background, and  in addition to a steady quest of perfection, we will continue to cruise into a progressive future.


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